Xaymoungkhoun Lattanamingmeuang stupa

Xaymoungkhoun Lattanamingmeuang stupa

Just opposite of the stairs to the museum there are similar stairs to climb, leading to an 18 meters high Stupa. The stupa was built in 14th century to allow all people of the region to come together, to celebrate religious festivals. When under French control, the area of the stupa was made into a war camp. During the first Vietnamese war the stupa was destroyed and only bricks were left. Reconstruction started in 1994 and was completed 3 years later. Religious celebrations are held at the stupa during the day of each full. Since April 2010 there is also a golden, 15 metre-high Buddha statue watching over Oudomxay from the top of Phou That, seeming to spur Oudomxay people to new religiousness. Enjoy the view over the town and see the stupa and Buddha shining in the sunset. The monks at the nearby temple are always happy to practice their English with foreigners.   

Phou That status

Phuthat Stupa (full name Xaymoungkhoun Latanamingmeuang Stupa) is the most prominent Vat Phuthat in Oudom xay, located on the top of the hill in the center of Meuang Xay town. The stupa was built for all Buddhist followers to celebrate religious festivals and other ceremonies. It is presumed that the stupa was originally built by Thai Leu tribe during the 14th century when the former King Phachao Xaysetha Thirath was still on his throne. Every full moon day the religious celebration is held at the stupa. The Stupa’s height is 18 meters from the bottom to the top. The dimension of the stupa is 18 m x 18 m. It’s recognized as the symbol  of  Oudomxay Province. Visiting the stupa means you reach Oudomxay.



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