Meuang Houn Tour Information

Meung Houn Overview
Total area: 2,778 square kilometers.
Villages: 94
Population: 66,890; women:33,580 
Families: 10,850
Ethnic Group: Lao, Khamu, Leu, Hmong, yang
Language in use: Lao, English, Chinese and Other
Access by land: 1 local bus Station

Hoon District is the second leading district of the province, is about 92 Kilometers from Xay town. It covers an area of 2,778 square kilometers. Mountainous part covers 80 % and lowland is 20 %. There are 94 villages and was divided into 13 cluster villages. The total number of household is 10,850 and the total population is 66,890 – female 33,580. The average district density is 21 persons per 1 kilometer. Tribes consist of Lao, Lue, Khummu, Hmong and Thaidam.

Meung Houn

Hoon District is on the way to Pakbeng and what you can do there is to visit the amazing Tadtalae waterfall, Tadnamhaeng waterfall, and the sacred forests as well as candle trees. The most interesting site is Tadtalae waterfall, is a very famous place for the local Lao people there to relax and having picnic, especially on weekends after have been working hard for a week and want to refresh themselves by these water. To the mentioned waterfall is only 45 Kilometers from Hoon town and the road is not yet paved. You also pass through different minority villages on the way to the waterfall.

Nice restaurants and guesthouses are also available there. In addition, you can have something to eat and try directly at the market because there are different types of Lao

– Walk to Nakhong temple for your safe and lucky journey.
– Visit Tatalea waterfall at Ban Talea. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in oudomxay.
– Take a short walk to khumu minority village near by Meuang Houn  to explore the real life of Khummu people.
– Walk around the town to see what local people deal with their lives.- Take a drive and ride (Car & motorcycle) to Nam Haeng and Na Ngern waterfall to experience the real nature and explore khumu villages on the way to waterfall. 

Talea waterfall

Talae  is an amazing waterfall, located in Ban Talae from Meung Houn town about 45 km. The waterfall is in the district protected area. When you reach the waterfall you will also get fresh atmosphere under the pristine forest. The length of the waterfall is about 600 meters and consists of 7 different beautiful waterfall levels. The best time to visit this waterfall is during June to February of every year.  A famous picnic place for the local people there.

Nam Haeng waterfall

Nam Haeng is an extremely beautiful waterfall in Ban Katangya Village, Meuang Hoon District. (24 Km from Meung Hoon to the waterfall). There, lots of natural plants and species can be found and seen. Every where is green and you can also swim in the pure water there. It’s a famous picnic place for Meuang Houn residents, especially on weekends. It’s said that people love to refresh themselves on weekends after 5 days working.

The candle tree

The candle tree forest is situated in Ban Chom Laeng Village about 23 Km from Houn town. The  tree is just like candle, tall with no branches until the top. All the trees are grown naturally in one area with no ealsewhere. The only one place in Oudomxay maybe even in Laos. It’s recognized as the amazing candle tree of Meuang Houn.

Vang cave

Vang cave is situated in Ban Naxiengdee from Meung Houn about 29 km. The cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Meuang Houn. Tham Vang is a very beautiful Cave with diffrent cave formtions like stalacmites and staclactites. Some of them are like buddha stuatues and animal shapes. It used to be a safe place for people to save their lives to survive during the war. It’s now a famous domestic tourist attraction in Houn District. The number of people visiting the cave is getting higher

How to get to Hoon district

Meuang Houn is on the way ( Km 96) to Meuang Pakbeng.
Bus to Meuang Houn – 3 Buses per day start at :  12:00 and 15:00, 17:00

Where to stay in Meuang Houn

No Name Address No fo Room Contact Number
1 Chittayom Guesthouse Phonesavanh Village,  Houn District, Oudomxay 15 020 55575360
2 Seephae Guesthouse Nafang Village,  Houn District, Oudomxay 5 020 55557462
3 Vanhnavong Guesthouse Nakhong Village,  Houn District, Oudomxay 7 020 99738881
4 Khanthong Guesthouse Nafanng Village, Houn District, Oudomxay 4 020 96751239
5 Thongsouksysouphanh Guesthouse Nakhong Village,HounDistrict, Oudomxay 6 020 55557330
6 Vhanh phaxay Guesthouse Nafanng Village, Houn District, Oudomxay 10 020 98286370
7 Hongkham Guesthouse Nakhong Village,HounDistrict, Oudomxay 9 020 55365779
8 Thankeo Guesthouse Nakong village, HounDistrict Oudomxay 8 02055199883

Where to Eat in Houn District

No Name Address Contact Number
1 Xomview Restaurant Nahome Village,Houn District,Oudomxay 020 55050322
2 Thangkhong Restaurant BouamLao Village,Houn District,Oudomxay 020 55175434
3 Pasack Restaurant SibounheuangVillage,Houn District,Oudomxay 020 550448004
4 Saynamkham Restaurant NakhongVillage,Houn District,Oudomxay 020 97722874
5 Dokfangdeng Restaurant SibounheuangVillage,Houn District,Oudomxay 030 99280035
6 Lao-Chinafriendship Restaurant Na ngernVillage,Houn District,Oudomxay 030 9288261
7 Phanpa  Restaurant NamounVillage,Houn District,Oudomxay 0309200269
8 Tamsang Restaurant Nafang Village,  Houn District, Oudomxay 020 54701230

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